Natalia Makarova

In the Royal Ballet she found a good mix of the familiar and the new. Some memoirs of Davids’:

“She was scheduled to learn and perform Serenade by Balanchine. Rehearsals were difficult. She could not remember the choreography. I was working with her.”

“On a few occasions I lost my temper with her, during rehearsals, but we always managed to straighten things out.”

“Her first performance arrived.”

“I was in my dressing room at Covent Garden getting ready for Serenade. There was a knock at the dressing room door. I opened it, Natasha was standing there in her dressing gown.”

” Can I help you Natasha?”

” Please David, please do not lose your temper with me tonight!”

” Of course Natasha, If you forget something, I will help you. But what is wrong Natasha?”

” I am terrified David!”

“It made the relationship between Natasha and I, better. This big Russian Ballerina had admitted that she was nervous, and asked for help.”

“The performance went very well by the way.”

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