Festival Ballet

“Back in Europe, I came in contact with a new group of choreographers,” said David. “The Russian, Bourmeister, was from the Stanislavski Theatre in Moscow. His production of Swan Lake became a standard for a time with Festival Ballet, plus Snow Maiden, with music by Tchaikovsky.”

“Bourmeister spoke only Russian, no English. There were people in the company who could translate, but somehow with his actions his was able to put his point over, without translation.

I shall never forget the rehearsals in Monte Carlo, where Bourmeister was brought in to rehearse both Swan Lake Act 2 and Snow Maiden.

I had become over a short period the main leads in both of these ballets.

Bourmeister was able, through his expression and movement, to take me through both of these ballets and transfer his concept of how they should be performed. All in Russian. He did not want anyone translating while he rehearsed with me. My performances changed and improved. The images that he gave me lasted until those ballets left the repertoire.”

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