Wife Meredith Adams née Wood, accompanist, music instructor
married 1981
Daughter Emily Adams, student
born 1985, Stony Plain
First Wife Lois Smith, dancer, instructor, artistic director, choreographer
born, 1929 in Burnaby, B.C
married 1950
Daughter Janine Adams, Canada Post employee
born, 1951, Winnipeg
Married to Joe Richard May 17, 1987
Grandson Mark Richard (née Norman Garnet Mark)
born, 1979, Gravenhurst, Ontario
Mother Maude Stella Adams née Mozley (deceased), Commissioner of Oaths, Legal Secretary
born Febuary 17, 1898 in Chingford, England
Father Charles George Adams (deceased), Mechanic
born May 5, 1902 in Norwood, London, England
Sister Joy Adams (deceased), Florist
born November 20, 1920 in Calgary, Alberta
Sister Joanne Adams, Homemaker
born, 1931 in Norwood, Manitoba
Brother Lawrence Adams (deceased), Dancer, Publisher
born November 2, 1936 in Norwood, Manitoba
website: Lawrence & Miriam
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