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London's Festival Ballet

Films with Ken Russell

Pantomime at the Palladium

Royal Ballet

Ballet for All

Having done his tour as Canada's first male Principal Dancer, David returned to England to sign on with London's Festival Ballet. At the age of 33, he was nearing retirement according to conventional ballet thinking. Never conventional, David performed with the Festival and Royal Ballets for another 16 years.

Festival Ballet

Several Photos of David’s time in Festival Ballet. Today it’s called the English National Ballet More

The Silver Screen: Two Films with Ken Russell

Characteristically, David laughed about Fiddler, the film opportunity he turned down … More


Dick Whittington David: “In 1969 I had the pleasure of doing a long season of Dick Whittington, a pantomime, in London at the Palladium, with Tommy Steele. “I was King Rat, the bad guy in the show. I danced in other sections … More

Royal Ballet

Under Kenneth MacMillan David moved into more mature theatric roles More

Ballet For All, London

David’s first foray into the wild, dangerous world of professional artistic direction More

Choreographing for Festival Ballet

SUITE in G In April of 1964 I was approached by the company manager of London’s Festival Ballet” I would like to meet with you, on a very important matter”. I obliged and we met. “David, do you do choreography? … More

Travels with Festival Ballet

David’s passports are a study in themselves. Many stamps are incomplete and superimposed, thus difficult to read. The earliest of David’s passports record his travels during 1960-68, during which time he danced with Festival Ballet. Leila Kovacevič (who joined the … More