Any performing artist, no matter what the medium, must , in order to hone their skills, appear before the public as much as possible. The person who is not willing to do this, should find another profession.

Night after night, matinee performances, they must all happen on a regular basis. They must, as the saying goes, "pay their dues". To be stationary, some may say is the ideal, but in order to get a full picture of what you are doing with yourself, you must present yourself to as wide a range of audiences as possible.

Some consider repetition, boring, but have you explored how far you can take your performance? Have you listened to and felt the reaction of a wide range of public Particularly for the dance world, there is but one solution--TOURING.

I must speak at times during this section in the first person, for so much of it is my personal experience. From my first tour to my last tour with a dance company , extends over a period of 50 years. A lot of dancing, a lot of ballets, a lot of countries, a lot of cities. Was it all worth it? YES!! Am I rich because of it? financially NO! spiritually, emotionally, educationally--YES!! Would I do it all again? if I was physically capable--YES! but I am not , so I must write about it.


We were coming to the end of another long bus tour More


Cars entered the picture in several countries More


We take flight for granted in these days, but back in the late 40’s and early 50’s it was not yet so More


Touring by train or plane was considered a luxury compared to travel by bus More


The tour by the Winnipeg Ballet in 1945 to Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon and Edmonton was done entirely by train More

Metropolitan Ballet (1947-48)

Back in Britain, 46-48, Victor Gsovsky was teaching classes when I joined the Metropolitan Ballet, who when he was sober, gave an excellent class More

Metropolitan Ballet (1946)

1946 found me in London England More

Winnipeg West (1945)

The November, December tour to Regina, Saskatoon and Edmonton came up with similar responses More

Winnipeg East (1945)

In Canada there had been one company prior to my first tour that had toured a great distance More