David and his brother Lawrence exchanged ideas over the years about the concept of stagecraft. They saw it as something beyond technique, which had to be learned outside of the classroom. Several times, David said, they discussed writing a book on the subject. In the end, from David's side, we are left with several chapters, or perhaps the ideas about chapters.

On Music

There is a tendency when working in the so called ARTS to feel that there is a special privilege that allows the instigators, Carte Blanche More

Ballet History

For dance the original ballets were not done on a stage at all, they were performed in a large open area, with the audience seated around them More


Let us take the technique, the ballet technique beyond what might be termed … normal More


We know and agree that it is the impression rather than the full knowledge of dance that makes the audience put their hands together, or not More

On Stagecraft

Bad rehearsal bad show, I would place under the category of superstition More