On the Art of Ballet


Dancers have been superstitious creatures since theatrical dance began More

Substance Abuse

From earliest times up to at least the late 50’s dancers where categorised as “VAGABONDS and THIEVES” in the British Isles; it was in the statutes More

Men and the state of ballet

There is the other side of the story More

Health, well-being and injury

Being such physical people, it has always been supposed that dancers look after their bodies. Not true I am afraid More

Dance as a profession

If from the beginning, the stage frightens you, then a great deal of thought must go into whether you are built, to put it in one sense, for this kind of life More


A few sayings that have been used over these many years, repeated often, and passed on through other dancers and students More

So you want to be a ballerina

For openers–even in the dictionary the word is defined as anyone of the female gender who takes ballet lessons. Wrong Mr Dictionary, wrong Mother and Father of such a student More


Polari— a distinctive English argot, in use since at least the 18th century among groups of theatrical and circus performers and in certain homosexual communities, derived largely from Italian, directly or through Lingua Franca More