Family History

David’s Family History by his daughter Janine

David Adams Family – 1940’s

He would move from being in the Junior Ballet Club to being a touring member of the Winnipeg Ballet. When the opportunity presented itself, he would spend two years in London, England, and work with three different ballet companies. The expectation of military service forced his premature return to Canada. By the end of the 1940s’, he would leave the family nest completely to pursue his chosen profession. More

David Adams Family – 1930’s

  DAVID   ADAMS FAMILY   HISTORY 1930s   In January of 1930, David was just 2 years old, and having mobility problems due to rickets.  The family consisted of Stella, Charlie, older sister Joy, and himself.  Joan would arrive in 1931, … More

David Adams Family – Pre-1900’s

DAVID ADAMS   FAMILY HISTORY   PRE 1900s This is, I believe, the oldest family picture that I am aware of.  I don’t know which family is involved, but it is an interesting insight on what seems to be a … More

David Adams Family – 1920’s

  DAVID ADAMS  FAMILY HISTORY   1920s     1920s OVERVIEW  World War 1 had ended, and the Mozley family had lost both husband and father when Walter Harrison Mozley remained in Alberta as a potato farmer, never to return … More

David Adams Family 1900 – 1920

        DAVID   ADAMS FAMILY    HISTORY  1900 – 1920   INTRODUCTION 1900 – 1920 In 1900, all four families, Adams, Finch, Mozley and Lewis lived in or near London, England.  By now, Walter Harrison Mozley had married Maude … More

Family History document

David grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This document was created by his daughter, Janine Dariel Adams, and provides the story of his Family history, and david’s childhood. More