Curriculum Vitae

David's career was, by any standards, prodigal. Few dancers today perform into their late 40s, and fewer yet with the sheer quantity that was expected in the National Ballet of Canada in the early days or in the number of countries that the Royal Ballet would see in a year. Those who have partnered the leading soloists from three decades ... you can probably count on the fingers of one hand.

Chronology of Companies

David was not one to avoid a challenge; his absences from the ballet stage were always opportunities for exploration More


Unlike many dancers, David shrugged off the exhaustion to explore the cities he visited professionally More

Choreography and Staging

Many of David’s students still remember his approach to staging the classics; he understood how to use his dancers to the best of their abilities More


A who’s who of leading ballerinas from the ’40s to the ’70s, David’s partners should be familiar to all students of the art More

Ballet Repertoire

Note that this represents 30 years of 6-8+ performances per week, up to 48 weeks per year More

TV and Film

Before there was a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, David was learning the new medium More

Awards and Recognition

Selected from a lifetime of such trivia More


David’s family are all very proud of his accomplishments in Dancing and his perspectives on Dance and life in general. More