The National Ballet appeared at the Jacob’s Pillow dance Festival in 1953. The journey from Toronto to Lee MA was done by car, with dancers driving. It was the first foray by the company in to the United States.

Smith and Adams drove to certain places to perform. Their own appearance at Jacob’s Pillow, two journeys to the U.S.A. to perform at a summer resort. Then in 1957 to dance at the Jubilee Auditoriums opening ceremonies in Calgary and Edmonton.

A car was used in the British Isles a great deal, it was faster than British Rail. From Scotland to the south coast.

A tour to Sweden in 1948 by boat was quite an experience. The North Sea is notorious for being rough, and September is the worst month. The trip over was quite frightening. An ocean journey in 1946 had prepared me only to a degree, but to be on board a much smaller vessel that came within 18 inches of turning turtle was another experience.

This was to be topped only by the seven days journey from Liverpool to Montreal on board the Ascania. We corkscrewed our way across the Atlantic. For many of those days, David was the only passenger in the dining room.

So is the life of the touring Ballet dancer glamorous? NO!

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